Acupunctuur in het nieuws

Acupunctuur in het nieuws

Het bewijs volgens de BBC

Een aflevering van een documentaire over de werking van alternatieve geneeswijzen. Deze aflevering gaat over het bewijs van acupunctuur, met op het eind voor de wetenschappers verbluffende resultaten van waarnemingen via hersenscans.

 Acupunctuur helpt bij slapeloosheid


Acupunctuur en  Multiple Sclerosis. 

New research concludes that acupuncture “significantly improves the quality of life” for multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the brain and spinal cord that causes a wide range of symptoms including pain, numbness, visual problems, speech problems, cognitive impairment, muscle spasms and depression. Acupuncture was shown to reduce both pain and depression. In addition, acupuncture significantly improved mobility in the eyes.
Acupuncture at Yintang Another group in the study received sham acupuncture, which only simulates acupuncture therapy. The sham acupuncture group did not show sustained improvement in pain, depression and eye mobility. By contrast, the true acupuncture group showed improvement in all three areas and also demonstrated an overall improvement in the quality of life. Other notable improvements in the acupuncture group included improved sleep and appetite. Acupuncture also reduced incontinence, constipation and leg spasms.

Acupunctuur als hulp bij het zwanger worden


Acupunctuur controleert de bloeddruk

Univ. of California Finding  – Researchers from the University of California, Irvine mapped the mechanisms by which acupuncture regulates blood pressure. The study demonstrates that acupuncture stimulates chemical reactions in the brain that modulate the nervous system. This gives acupuncture the ability to control both the heart rate and blood pressure. The researchers conclude that electroacupuncture normalizes “elevated and depressed blood pressure” and regulates both the blood pressure and heart rate through GABA receptor mechanisms that modulate the sympathetic nervous system and vagal excitation

Acupunctuur als hulp in en om de operatiekamer


Acupunctuur tegen dementie

A new study of patients with vascular dementia concludes that acupuncture is effective in improving cognition. Vascular dementia, caused by brain damage due to impaired blood flow to the brain, is common after a stroke. Any condition damaging blood vessels that feed oxygen and nutrients to the brain may lead to vascular dementia. The researchers observed that acupuncture measurably reduced levels of 8-OHdG, a marker of oxidative damage. As a result, the researchers conclude “that acupuncture is beneficial at least in part by preventing oxidative damage.”
Acupuncture for the BrainAnother study compared scalp acupuncture with body-style acupuncture. In this randomized controlled clinical trial, 184 subjects with vascular dementia received either scalp acupuncture or body acupuncture. The scalp acupuncture group showed significantly greater improvements in cognition than the body-style acupuncture group. Social behavior scores and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) improved significantly in both groups. The researchers concluded that scalp acupuncture significantly improves cognition, activities of daily living, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) signs and symptoms, mental state and social behavior in patients with vascular dementia.

Acupunctuur helpt bij menopauze problemen


Acupuncture for Arthritis Pain is Histamine Dependent

New research finds that acupuncture’s effectiveness for the relief of arthritis pain is dependent on acupuncture’s ability to stimulate histamines at the needling site. In the laboratory experiment, an injection of a histamine antagonist prior to acupuncture needling reduced the effectiveness of acupuncture’s ability to eliminate pain. This is one of numerous studies measuring the benefits of acupuncture for the relief of arthritis.
Acupuncture NeedlingA recent analysis of fourteen controlled clinical trials involving 3,835 patients notes, “Acupuncture provided significantly better relief from knee osteoarthritis pain and a larger improvement in function than sham acupuncture, standard care treatment, or waiting for further treatment.” The researchers stated that acupuncture for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis is “better at relieving pain and restoring function” than both standard biomedical care and sham acupuncture.


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